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Editor's Note

For the past year The International Journal of Applied Kinesiology and Kinesiologic Medicine has been building its reputation as a top publication in the world of kinesiology. To be a leader in our field takes lots of travelling to conferences, correspondence, and reading. What better time to read and write letters while in airports? As I was sitting in JFK Airport in New York waiting to catch my flight transfer to Italy after having attended a conference in Florida I read an article in The International Herald Tribune titled "The Pope Who Talks to Everyone", which explained that after two millenia, John Paul II is pushing the church to engage in dialogue with other faiths. In his 20 year papacy, the present pope has promoted inter-faith dialogue to an unprecedented degree. The ecumenical spirit in which Karol Wojtyla has brought together members of all faiths is arguably stronger than any of his other traits. The pope has also committed to repent for the actions of those who have "offended the Almighty by killing in the name of God" and has led him to carry out an impressive series of mea culpa, condemning the persecution of non-Catholic Christians. What's this got to do with the world of kinesiologic medicine? Hopefully not much. Kinesiologists have not been persecuting each other yet. Kinesiologists as a group don't seem likely to resort to this. But we can compare this to some situations that seem to be developing between some of the various kinesiologic associations. We hope to stay out of some of the political and religious battles and foster a spirit of cooperation. As time progresses, we are becoming aware of the vastness and the many parts of the planet in which kinesiology is present. It is easy to get caught up in our own little world we create for comfort and security. Once we venture out of our nest there are many enlightening experiences to be encountered, some of which can be enjoyable, and some discomforting. While attending the Uniting the World of Kinesiology Conference in Orlando, Florida on October 14-18, 1998, I found some highly qualified individuals with credentials such as Ph.D's, M.D.'s, D.O.'s, D.D.S.'s, D.C.'s, out there teaching subjects fairly advanced to what I was previously exposed to.

"The Specialist": New England Patriots Football and A.C. Milan Soccer Team Consultant

Dr. Leaf's work has been devoted to defining and explaining in understandable terms how Applied Kinesiology works. His blunt, no non-sense approach has led him to become one of the world's leading kinesiologists
It what may be one of the biggest breakthroughs ever for applied kinesiology in sports, former Prime Minister and owner of A.C. Milan Soccer Team, Silvio Berlusconi has appointed the first non-medical Chairman to a Medical Training Committee. Renown Chiropractor and Kinesiologist Jean-Pierre Meersseman is the first Chiropractor to head up the medical staff of a professional sports team in the world. His extraordinary work with Olympic athletes, politicians and celebrities have gained him notoriety among the medical circles in Europe. For North Americans who aren't familiar with soccer, A.C. Milan is a long time powerhouse in the Italian Soccer league, which is arguably the best soccer league in the world. This is similar to the Boston Celtics basketball team or the New York Yankees baseball team dynasties. While soccer is not as big in America as football, basketball or baseball, it is easily the world's most watched sport, with a television audience for the World Cup which far outnumbers Pro Football's Superbowl. To ensure optimal treatment for A.C. Milan's soccer players, Dr. Meersseman has enlisted many of the best sports specialists in the world to offer their expertise. To enhance performance and heal chronic injuries he has asked Dr. David Leaf, D.C., DIBAK to consult with the team.

by Timothy D. Francis, M.S., D.C., DIBAK, D.H.M.

Part 1
I. Introduction
II. Discussion
A. What is Homeopathy?
1. History
2. Remedy Selection

Applied kinesiology utilizes manual muscle testing to correct body dysfunction via structural, biochemical and emotional procedures. A basic premise is that there exists a muscle/organ-gland association. Homeopathy utilizes diluted and potentized substances from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms that in a healthy person would produce similar symptoms as a person who is suffering with illness. There exists a muscle/organ-gland/homeopathic remedy correlation that may be verified utilizing manual muscle testing.

Evaluating and Treating Functional Hypothyroidism Utilizing Applied Kinesiology
by Jeff Farkas D.C., DIBAK

Although only a very small percentage of patients (approx. 3%) demonstrate thyroid hormone levels which deviate downward from the norm, much clinical evidence suggests that subtler forms of thyroid hypofunction are endemic. This paper reviews thyroid physiology, as well as standard methods for evaluating thyroid function. In addition, an argument will be made for the inclusion of functional thyroid evaluation, as well as the use of non-standard therapies, including those indicated by testing with applied kinesiology.

Thyroid Physiology
The bi-lobular thyroid, located anterior to the trachea, is known to secrete 2 hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodothyronine, also called thyroxine (T4), significant for their roles in overall metabolic regulation, as well as calcitonin, a hormone involved in calcium and bone metabolism. Production of thyroid hormones reflects the only known role of iodine in human physiology, although the active concentration of iodine by cells of the gastric mucosa, salivary glands, choroid plexus and lactating mammary glands suggests other functions not yet determined. This may prove especially interesting with regard to central nervous system function, as the choroid plexus produces most of the plasma proteins bound for the cerebrospinal fluid and where the T3 and T4 transport protein, transthyretin, is abundant.


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